Approved 2/20/2002 - Modified 7/2007



NIH Board of Scientific Directors


The NIH Intramural Research Program (IRP) recruits outstanding young investigators through an open and competitive process and provides tenure-track investigators (TTI) with the resources, mentoring and environment to allow them to succeed in achieving tenure at NIH. This document outlines the philosophy and practices that underlie achievement of this goal. The TTIs should have accountability, authority, and autonomy for their resources. Resource commitments outlined in this document represent a goal that is subject to change under extreme conditions. All new TTIs should take the leadership course "How to Succeed as a PI at the NIH" which will provide valuable information on how to implement these various recommendations.


1. The Tenure-Track Investigator will have independent resources (staff, space and budget)


2. The Tenure Track Investigator should be mentored by the Laboratory/Branch Chief, by other Principal Investigators (PIs) in the lab/branch, by the Scientific Director, and by NIH PIs.



Appendix: Proposed template for tenure-track self reporting

Please include the following:

• Peer-reviewed manuscripts published or accepted for publication

• Review articles published or accepted for publication

• Invited lectures

• Participation in grant reviews/study sections

• Participation in manuscript reviews

• Mentoring(students/postdocs)

• Clinical activities (if applicable)

• Participation on NIH committees and/or in interest groups

• Collaborations within and outside NIH

• Other notable accomplishments during the past year not reflected above

• Problems/concerns regarding your progress to date

Also write one paragraph briefly outlining research goals for the coming year