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Data Science in Biomedicine Interest Group

The goal of “Data Science, BIG” is to foster the growing community of biomedical data scientists at NIH through improving communications, providing a forum for scientific discussions, and catalyzing collaborations.

“Data Science, BIG” will work with established SIGs and community groups that focus on components of data science, to coordinate activities and increase awareness of opportunities in data science. This interest group will engage scientists from across the NIH, both intramural and extramural, by meeting quarterly on campus, sometimes in conjunction with other SIGs. The group will host a seminar series of internal and external speakers, organize an annual poster session, and collect user input on what workshops/courses are needed at NIH. Additional activities depend on the interests of the group. To join the SIG, add your name to the NIH-DATASCIENCE-L LISTSERV at Announcements will be posted at

“Data Science, BIG” is being co-sponsored by the Office of the Associate Director for Data Science, the NIH Library, and the National Library of Medicine. For questions, contact Ben Busby at

Mailing List

To join the Data Science in Biomedicine Interest Group mailing list, please visit the Data Science in Biomedicine Interest Group Listserv home page, then click the “Subscribe or Unsubscribe” link in the right sidebar.



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