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Inflammatory Disease Interest Group

The Inflammation interest group will bring together scientists at all experience levels with an interest in chronic inflammatory disease research. Inflammation is a complex biological response that occurs in all tissues of the body, typically in response to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, irritants, or following repeated mechanical injury, with genetics playing an additional role. Although inflammation can be a protective response, if the causative agent is persistent or the mechanisms that regulate the initiation, maintenance, or resolution of the inflammatory response become dysregulated, it can evolve into a pathophysiological response, as is seen in chronic autoimmune, neurodegenerative, fibrotic, and allergic diseases. Inflammation is also a central driver of tumor progression. The purpose of this SIG is to encourage better communication, thoughtful discussions, and NIH-wide collaboration so that new treatment modalities might be developed for the many chronic inflammatory and fibrotic diseases that impact human health. The group will convene day-long symposia two or three times per year on various topics focused around the general theme of “chronic inflammatory disease” and host a bi-monthly seminar series focused on basic and translational aspects of inflammation. The group is open to all persons within NIH and associated agencies (FDA, USDA etc), who share an interest in basic and translational inflammation research. To join the LISTSERV or find a meeting schedule, contact Thomas A. Wynn at

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