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Scientia et Philosophia Interest Group

The Scientia et Philosophia Interest Group seeks to foster and expand the knowledge and understanding of the NIH research community and staff of the philosophical foundations of the scientific endeavour. In an interdisciplinary, open and inclusive environment, Scientia et Philosophia promotes an exchange of knowledge in a diversity of fields and topics including the philosophy, origins, and foundations of Science; Logic and Rationalism; Cosmology, Cosmogony; Biology, Biogeny; Ethics, Meta-ethics, and Metaphysics; and history of philosophy (classical to modern). The group stresses how our current empirical scientific projects in basic and clinical research are inseparably tethered to these philosophical underpinnings, and strengthened when clearly grounded on a strong philosophical foundation. A good working knowledge of the philosophical foundations of science and the limits of rationalism allow for better formulation of scientific experimental design, model construction, and parsimonious extraction of inferred conclusions. This SIG is open to Intramural Investigators, Staff and Trainees, as well as Extramural affiliates and academic scientists and clinicians outside the NIH. Activities will include regular discussion meetings, internal and external speakers, and webinars.

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