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NIH IRP Clinical Directors

Institute / Center Clinical Director
CC Dr. David K. Henderson
NCCIH Dr. Brian Walitt (Act.)
NCI/CCR Dr. William L. Dahut
NCI/DCEG Dr. Sharon Savage
NEI Dr. Brian Brooks
NHGRI Dr. Daniel L. Kastner (Act.)
NHLBI Dr. Richard Childs
NIA Dr. Josephine M. Egan
NIAAA Dr. David Goldman
NIAID Dr. H. Clifford Lane
NIAMS Dr. Robert Colbert (Act.)
NICHD Dr. Forbes D. Porter
NIDA Dr. Karran Phillips
NIDCD Dr. Carter Van Waes
NIDCR Dr. Janice S. Lee
NIDDK Dr. James E. Balow
NIEHS Dr. Janet Hall
NIMH Dr. Maryland Pao
NIMHD Dr. Anna María Nápoles (Act.)
NINDS Dr. Avindra Nath
NINR Dr. Suzanne Wingate

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