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Bioethics Interest Group

Advances in biomedical research create challenging bioethical dilemmas that are debated within the scientific community and by the public. The Bioethics Interest Group provides a discussion forum, considers different views, and presents research on complex ethical issues. For example: safeguarding confidential information; return of research results; whether persons of limited mental capacity should be involved in research that will not provide direct benefit to them; issues surrounding clinical trial design and implementation; compensation for research participation or injury; research on consent and on assessing research risks and benefits; IRB models and whether IRBs protect research participants. Ethical issues involving research with individual humans and with communities, as well as research with animals, are addressed. The group also discusses research integrity and scientific conduct.

The Bioethics Interest Group meets monthly. Meeting formats include seminars, focused discussion, or a debate. Each meeting features exchange of ideas and information. Participants may form research collaborations and meet colleagues with whom they may discuss specific issues related to their own research. Group participants include intramural and extramural scientists and people from local academic institutions and societies.

Mailing List

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