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Chemistry Interest Group (CHEMIG)

The mission of the Chemistry Interest Group (CHEMIG) is to showcase the unique role of chemistry in biomedical research and to promote communication among Washington-area scientists with this common interest. Chemists at NIH are spread out across several institutes and campuses, with laboratory locations in Bethesda, Frederick, Baltimore, and Gaithersburg. Meetings typically are in the format of a professional research seminar that combines basic chemical principles with applications to study diverse areas of human health. Seminar speakers are invited from both inside and outside of NIH to present CHEMIG seminars. Among the many topics that seminars may cover, some specific areas are: Chemical Biology, Nanotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biomaterials, Biochemistry, and Translational Sciences. CHEMIG is primarily for NIH employees, but professionals at other organizations may apply to join the interest group if they will contribute positively to the mission of NIH and CHEMIG.

Mailing List

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