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Immunology Interest Group

The Immunology Interest Group (IIG) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a voluntary organization of investigators and trainees who are members of the intramural research community of the NIH and affiliated research and teaching organizations that promotes the mission of the NIH in research and training in the areas of immunology and infectious diseases. The IIG serves as the organizational structure for intramural researchers to promote high academic standards of research and training and foster the development of new biomedical knowledge and the translation of research knowledge into new preventive measures and therapies for human diseases by facilitating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. The IIG was instituted in 1993 and is the largest interest group on campus.

The IIG sponsors two primary activities that are crucial to fostering interactions and promoting scientific communication among the NIH Immunology Community: the Wednesday afternoon Immunology Seminar Series in which distinguished scientists primarily from the extramural community present their most recent and exciting work, and a yearly NIH-wide Immunology Workshop​.

The IIG maintains a website at

Mailing List

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