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Outcomes and Effectiveness Research Interest Group

Outcomes and effectiveness research describes, interprets, and predicts the impact of healthcare interventions on endpoints that matter to patients, families and caregivers, providers, private and public payers and purchasers of healthcare, regulatory agencies, health care accrediting organizations, and society generally. 

NIH has long supported a diverse portfolio of outcomes and effectiveness research, including observational and randomized studies comparing different strategies to prevent, diagnose, treat, and monitor many diseases and conditions. With increased public interest, as evidenced by Congressional legislation that created the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and by NIH’s Common Fund efforts to support pragmatic trials and harness the power of “big data,” there is a growing need for effective trans-NIH communication.

The Trans-NIH Outcomes and Effectiveness Research Interest Group, previously known as the Trans-NIH Comparative Effectiveness Research Coordinating Committee, functions as a forum for trans-NIH dialogue on matters of interest to the outcomes and effectiveness research community. The Interest Group provides information and convenes meetings, which in some cases involve external stakeholders. As a forum for information exchange, the Interest Group’s discussions are intended to foster an interactive and communal learning environment.

To join the group, please contact OER-IG Executive Secretary Dr. Nancy Miller,



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