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Psychoneuroendocrinology Scientific Interest Group

Psychoneuroendocrinology is the branch of science that studies the relationship between the endocrine system, the nervous system and psychology. The ultimate goal of psychoneuroendocrinology science is to shed light on the complexity of how endocrine pathways affect and/or determine behaviors, therefore playing a role in neuropsychiatric disorders. Goals of this branch of science include, but are not limited to, understanding the complexity of neuropsychiatric disorders by studying the effects of psychological stress, the role of the gut-liver-brain axis, the role of endocrine pathways that control feeding, appetite, sleep and sexual desire, the endocrine correlates of sex differences in human behavior, the role of the neuroimmune system and neuroinflammatory pathways. As such, psychoneuroendocrinology includes basic, clinical and translational knowledge on neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, neurology, mental health, endocrinology, gastroenterology, human development, genetics, behavioral medicine and general medicine. The Psychoneuroendocrinology Scientific Interest Group provides a forum for scientists and clinicians across multiple Institutes and Centers at the NIH to present the latest scientific findings related to psychoneuroendocrinology and discuss their implications for future translational and clinical research as well as for clinical practice. Consistent with the definition of Psychoneuroendocrinology and with the scope of the Psychoneuroendocrinology Scientific Interest Group, this SIG is not limited to a specific disease and/or apparatus. Indeed, this SIG has the potential to involve and create interactions across all 27 NIH ICs, including IRP Investigators, Staff and Trainees and Extramural members, as well as academic scientists and clinicians outside NIH. Special emphasis will be given to research findings and discoveries that help advancing science and improving people’s health and lives. As such, topics and speakers of the PSIG meetings will typically discuss topics that are relevant for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders and will span from basic to clinical and translational science. Therefore, establishing the Psychoneuroendocrinology Scientific Interest Group is of very high relevance and broad interest to several if not all NIH ICs. The Psychoneuroendocrinology Scientific Interest Group will meet every three months for approximately 1 hour each time. Presentations will be kept short i.e., no longer than 30 minutes, so that the other half of the meeting will be dedicated to discussion, therefore facilitating interactive brainstorming, trans-NIH collaborations, and mentoring to trainees interested on this branch of science within the Intramural Research Program.

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