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Systems Biology Scientific Interest Group

The Systems Biology SIG is a forum for discussing new research directions as well as experimental, theoretical and technological approaches aimed at quantitatively and mechanistically understanding biological systems at multiple spatial and temporal scales. Systems Biology is an inherently collaborative approach, typically bringing together experimentalists using various quantitative methods to probe into the properties of subcellular structures, cells, organs or organisms with computational researchers analyzing the resulting data and casting them into mechanistic models that can explain observed phenomena and suggest new experiments to test the validity of the models’ assumptions. There is a special emphasis on exploring how components at the various biological scales, in combination, generate (emergent) properties that are not inherent in any individual element. Consequently, the scope of topics discussed during the meetings of the Systems Biology SIG is very broad, covering, on the experimental side, many kinds of biochemical and image-based measurements and procedures (for example, flow-cytometry, mass spectrometry, quantitative microscopy, siRNA-based manipulations of cellular biochemistry, genomic and epigenomic assays) and, on the computational side, bioinformatic analyses, statistical modeling of genomic data, and simulation-driven modeling.

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One of the main goals of the SIG is to inspire researchers to look beyond the classical boundaries of their laboratory methods and scientific questions and consider incorporating experimental and computational techniques that elucidate aspects of the systems they study from a new perspective. The Systems Biology SIG holds meetings on a monthly basis. Typically, these meetings include presentations by SIG members or invited guests. Speakers are encouraged to present their work in a way that renders it approachable to an audience that is as mixed with regard to its members’ scientific backgrounds as the range of topics that are covered in the presentations.

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