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TGF-beta Superfamily Interest Group

The TGF-beta superfamily occupies a central position in the signaling circuits that control cell growth, differentiation, and death. Seminal work has resulted in a deeper appreciation of the integration of TGF-beta pathways into signaling networks at large and its disruption in a wide variety of human disorders. Although, TGF-beta remains elusive in terms of our complete understanding of its multifunctional modes of action, its potential as a therapeutic target in many pathological settings is promising. The TGF-beta Superfamily Interest Group keeps abreast of advances in the field of TGF-beta superfamily research and in our understanding of the global ramifications when TGF-beta signaling goes awry in diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, immunological disorders, and pathological fibrosis. Our group also serves as a platform for dissemination of TGF-beta-related reagents and expertise on campus.

Our new group (created in 2009) will conduct annual one-day retreats on the NIH campus to provide a forum for TGF-beta-related information exchange across institutes. In addition we will organize periodic symposia with both NIH and NIH-funded speakers; fellow activities such as opportunities to make oral presentations; and web-based forums for effective sharing of TGF-beta-related reagents, including the library of 96 TGF-beta pathway Gateway Entry clones currently being generated by the NCI. We also will disseminate external meeting advertisements, external meeting synopsis, job postings for NIH fellows interested in positions in TGF-beta research outside.

Our group's moderators are Lalage Wakefield (NCI), Kathy Flanders (NCI), and Sushil Rane (NIDDK). We invite all investigators interested in TGF-beta research to join us, particularly those in surrounding academic institutions.

Mailing List

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