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Transcription Scientific Interest Group

The Transcription SIG aims to promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing among NIH scientists interested in the general area of gene expression. The SIG also aims to facilitate the scientific interactions between intramural scientists and extramural principal investigators. In addition, the SIG strives to provide mentoring to trainees and to facilitate their career development by sharing job opportunities.

The Transcription SIG consists of researchers from across the NIH, whose interests cover a broad range of topics spanning the general area of gene expression. Among the research interests represented in the group are: structure and function of transcription factors and cofactors; nuclear receptors; transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of cell growth, differentiation, reprogramming, development and diseases; basal transcription machinery and RNA polymerase II; enhancer/promoter/insulator regulation; transcription initiation/elongation/termination; DNA methylation, histone modification, nucleosome remodeling, non-coding RNAs, higher order genome organization; single molecule, single cell and genome-wide analyses of transcription. The SIG has ~ 150 active members.

The SIG meets once every month from October to June. Each meeting features an invited speaker who is usually a leading expert in the fields of transcription, chromatin and epigenetics.

Mailing List

To join the Transcription Scientific Interest Group mailing list, please visit the Transcription Scientific Interest Group Listserv home page, then click the “Subscribe or Unsubscribe” link in the right sidebar.



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