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Assembly of Scientists (AOS)

The Council of the NIH Assembly of Scientists (AOS) is an elected committee representing its constituents (Tenured and Tenure-Track Investigators, Staff Clinicians and Staff Scientists, including Intramural or Extramural employees of the NIH) to the NIH leadership. The Council meets regularly with the NIH Deputy Director for Intramural Research as well as other senior NIH leaders to discuss issues affecting the AOS constituency. Representatives from the NIH AOS Council attend key NIH committee meetings including the Board of Scientific Directors, the Deputy Ethics Counselors meeting, and others as agreed upon with the NIH DDIR. The AOS actively seeks from its constituency ideas and concerns that relate to the NIH policies and procedures relating to personnel, programs, and mission. The Council disseminates information and best practices to its constituency through various means, including an annual town hall meeting. For important issues affecting its membership, the AOS Council may pass resolutions that will be presented to the DDIR and Scientific Directors for their consideration. For more information, please read the ‘Guest Editorial’ in the March/April 2018 issue of the NIH Catalyst.

2021-2022 AOS Council

Member Position IC(s)-Association
Art Shaffer (Co-Chair) Senior Associate Scientist NCI
Bibi Bielekova (Co-Chair) Clinical/Lab Tenured NIAID
Allison Nugent (Secretary) Core Director NIMH
Cindy Dunbar (Treasurer) Clinical/Lab Tenured NHLBI
Karen Berman (Exec. Committee) Clinical/Lab Tenured NIMH
Katherine Calvo (Exec. Committee) Senior Research Physician CC
Lauren Atlas Clinical Tenure-track NCCIH/NIMH/NIDA
Elaine Jaffe Senior Investigator NCI
Charles Egwuagu Laboratory Tenured NEI
Nancy Diazgranados Staff Clinician NIAAA
Amy Klion Clinical/Lab Tenured NIAID
Ian Myles Clinical/Lab Tenure-Track NIAID
Cathryn Haigh Lab Tenure-Track NIAID, RML
Josh Zimmerberg Laboratory Tenured NICHD
Peter Basser Laboratory Tenured NICHD
Ken Jacobson Laboratory Tenured NIDDK
Marius Clore Laboratory Tenured NIDDK
Priyanka Narayan Lab Tenure-Track NIDDK/NINDS
Stephanie London Epidemiology Tenured NIEHS
Trevor Archer Laboratory Tenured NIEHS
Melissa Brotman ACI NIMH
Peter Bandettini Laboratory Tenured NIMH
Eric Wassermann Staff Clinician NINDS
Sara Inati Staff Clinician NINDS
Martha Zeiger (ad-hoc) Director, Surgical Oncology Program NCI
Sarfaraz Hasni (ad-hoc) Staff Clinician NIAMS
Richard Chadwick (ad-hoc) Scientist Emeritus NIDCD

AOS Resources

Upcoming & Recent AOS Town Halls

NIH AOS Clinician-Focused Town Hall (hosted by the Council of the NIH Assembly of Scientists)
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Speakers included Drs. Gottesman, Gilman, Green, McKeeby and Lee. Topics of concern to IRP clinicians were discussed.
NIH Videocast (Permanent Archive)

NIH AOS October 2020 Virtual Town Hall
Thursday, October 8, 2020

Speakers included Dr. Collins, Dr. Johnson, and Ms. Alboum. Topics included racism and diversity in the IRP and the impact of COVID-19 on the IRP at all levels (research, resources, and IT).
NIH Videocast (Permanent Archive)

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