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Facilities Working Group

The Facilities Working Group (FWG) advises the NIH Steering Committee, the NIH Institute or Centers (IC), and the NIH Director on matters pertaining to the planning, acquisition, development, and use of land and facilities for the pursuit of the NIH mission.

In the context of NIH research priorities and initiatives and the physical and environmental frameworks defined in NIH master plans, the FWG is responsible for evaluating NIH's programmatic needs; balancing competing priorities; exploring alternative means of meeting NIH's changing needs for capital facilities; and reconciling them into a rolling five-year Strategic Facilities Plan, an annual Buildings and Facilities (B&F) Plan, and an annual Leased Facilities Plan.

The FWG also provides advice to the Director of the NIH Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations (ORF) on operating policies and business strategy.

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