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2020 Virtual Postbac Poster Day

Dear NIH PIs,

We have been forced to cancel the face-to-face 2020 Postbac Poster Day due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, we are scheduling virtual Poster Days from April 28th through April 30th. The virus outbreak has led to the cancellation of many important events for the NIH community. We invite you to help us make sure this event, rather than being cancelled, is the best postbac poster day ever!

We encourage all current NIH Postbacs to present at this virtual event. The deadline for postbacs to submit poster titles for Postbac Poster Day 2020 is Tuesday, March 31th at 5:00 pm (EDT).

Given the current situation, we understand that many of postbacs will be unable to share a full story. We know trainees may have limited access to a lab, data, colleagues, and in some cases, an NIH computer and email account. Some of them may have just started in your group and may not have any data or even a clear understanding of a project yet. We welcome all kinds of posters! Please encourage your postbacs to present a literature review or a poster focused on ideas they are currently developing, if they are not prepared to present a full story yet.

Posters will be reviewed by teams composed of graduate students, postdocs, and staff scientists. The authors of the top 20% will receive a letter acknowledging their accomplishments. Note: The first author is responsible for presenting the poster and eligible to win an outstanding poster award.

We would appreciate your calling this important event to the attention of your postbacs. You can read more about virtual Postbac Poster Day 2020 at We welcome working with you to provide our postbac community with important support and encouragement during this difficult period.


Sharon Milgram
Director, NIH OITE

Yewon Cheon
Director of Postbac and Summer Intern Programs, NIH OITE

Note: This message is from Drs. Sharon Milgram and Yewon Cheon, NIH OITE. Please direct your questions and comments to Dr. Cheon at

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