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Genome maintenance up close and personal: eavesdropping on single molecular conversations

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Raju S. Kucherlapati, Ph.D.
Paul C. Cabot Professor of Genetics and Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School

The Kucherlapati laboratory is involved in the cloning and characterization of human disease genes, especially for human syndromes that have a significant cardiovascular involvement. The lab also focuses on the use of genetic/genomic approaches to understand the biology of cancer, and the generation and characterization of genetically modified mouse models for cancer and other human disorders. Dr. Kucherlapati also promotes incorporating the principles of personalized medicine into medical practice.


The understanding of the genetics and genomics of cancer is changing very rapidly. The ability to use next-generation sequencing technologies to dissect the genomes of individual cancer patients is helping to drive this increase in knowledge. In his lecture, Dr. Kucherlapati will describe some of the recent advances and how that knowledge is shedding light on the biology of cancer and helping us develop novel therapeutic approaches.

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